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Funeral Thank You Notes

Funeral Thank You Notes

Writing a thank you note to those that provide support and kind gestures during your time of grief are important to acknolwedge. The task may feel daunting, but just remember it doesn't have to happen right away. Funeral etiquette is typically that you send a thank you note within 2-3 months after the funeral. Below is a guide for who you should write a thank you note to, along with ideas for what to include in your note.

Who do I send a Funeral Thank You Card to?

Include anyone who:

  • sent a sympathy card
  • sent flowers or a funeral arrangement
  • attended the visitation
  • attended the funeral
  • made a donation in honor of the deceased
  • brought or made food to share with family and visitors

What do I say in a Funeral Thank You Card?

Use the following guidelines to write your thank you card. Remember that you can write one note on behalf of the entire family, so you might consider dividing up the task of writing the cards. While you still have family and friends in town, you might plan to have a few hours where you sit around a table and pass the cards around for people to sign. This can be both a kind gesture to those who have provided support, along with an opportunity for your family to do something together.

Dear Susan,

Thank the person for something specific.

These things might include attending the funeral, attending the visitation, sending flowers, etc.

Thank you so much for attending Jack's remembrance ceremony.

If possible, include a special memory or thought you have about this person in relation to the deceased. You might also simply relate something positive about the person.
If you have to say something general, or can't think of anything good to say, you can use "your thoughtfulness is appreciated"
He often talked about how much he respected your work in the community.
Offer your expression of appreciation. Other expressions include sincere condolences" and "heartfelt sympathy"
Please know your kindness during this hard time has meant so much to our family.

While "Sincerely" is an appropriate close for business, a business-personal relationship might call for a more personal close such as "Warm Regards", "With love", or "With caring and concern."

Warm Regards,

Cynthia & Family

Funeral Thank You Notes

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